photographs for a lifetime

It’s nearly 1am and I’m still awake. When I sat down to my computer at 9:30pm I had no idea I’d still be here two and a half hours later. But that matters not, here I am.

Housesitting is always a little rough for the first few nights. If I get to sleep, I don’t sleep long. And when I try to move in the morning, my hips might as well be broken.

I’ve managed to get my RSS reader down to about 50 unread posts. (That’s impressive since just a few days ago it was well over 300.) Most of the posts I viewed were by photographers from all areas of the country and the world.

Photographers are amazing people. Their talents, when used and not abused, are the most wonderful gifts not only to their clients but to all people who witness their work. Their “work” is so much more than that. When I read people like Tara Whitney, I know that love is real and that every person’s life has meaning and value. I feel her love and I want to give it to those around me.

I read other blogs too. Mom blogs. Dad blogs. Runner blogs. I love looking at their pictures too.

Today I imported a good 5 years worth of old emails into my new email client. I have about 6 email addresses that all feed into one place – super convenient for a girl like me. In so doing, I found myself with about 2100 “unread” email messages waiting to be “read.” My favorite thing about that process is seeing all the old photographs. It’s always telling of what was going on in my life. I had a lot of pictures of friends during our high school years. I had a lot of self portraits. I took pictures of our green room, of my dog, my room. I have pictures of my family, mostly of my siblings.

I have always been grateful for the gift of photography, but no more than right now. There are days I would not remember, things about myself I would not know, if I did not have those pictures. They bring up a lot of memories and emotions, and are a catalyst for healing and growth. They are a source of great comfort and joy, of knowledge and understanding about myself and those about me.

I pray I never stop taking pictures, or being a part of them.


~ by Elle on May 8, 2009.

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