to you, woman

If yours is a sad Mother’s Day, I am praying for you.

If you wanted to be a mother but could not.

If you are a mother whose baby or child has died.

If you became a mother under unfortunate circumstances and released your baby for adoption.

If you had an abortion and you regret it.

If you are a mother whose child has abandoned you, rejected your love, or otherwise walked away from you.

If you are a mother whose child is separated from you by distance, military service, imprisonment, or other circumstances beyond your control.

If your mother has died.

If your mother has rejected you or has harmed you.

If your mother is separated from you by forces beyond your control, such as distance, military service, or imprisonment.

If you had a surrogate mother-figure in your life who is now gone from you.

If you look at all the other mothers or all the people celebrating their mothers and wonder what’s wrong with you.

If you do your best to lower your gaze and plow through the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day without noticing the flowers and the pink-toned greeting cards,  and if the only church service you skip every year is the Mother’s Day one because all the mothers are asked to stand, and if the very thought of Mother’s Day leaves you feeling like your soul has been scoured with sand paper and every thought stings with an exposed rawness…

Then I’m praying for you. I wish you blessings and peace, and may your heart find comfort. You are not alone.

(authored by philangelus at seven angels, four kids, one family — with me jumping on that bandwagon)


~ by Elle on May 9, 2009.

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