love abounds

i wrote here a month or so ago about the sad state of affairs within my family. sadly, i feel as though i’m back at square one where all of that is concerned. my immediate family (plus one grandparent) is the extent of my familial connection and that’s sad. i suppose it is what it is but i hope that one day it isn’t. does that make sense?

recently i entered my dad in a contest at Pacing the Panic Room. it was a contest to win a wallet by Makr for Father’s Day. when i saw the post detailing the contest go up, i knew i had to enter my dad. his wallet history has not been good and it’s been a very long time since he’s had a nice one (that was in good shape). i knew that day that i would enter and went about scheming a way to get a photo of his wallet. well, i never got a photo. on the last day entries were being accepted, Ryan posted a reminder about the contest. i figured “now or never” and gave it a whirl. i started writing about my dad, about his pathetic wallet, and about how proud i was to know a man who has, despite the odds, kept a roof over my family’s heads.

yesterday, the day of the announcement, we found out that Ryan had not had a celebrity judge and the vote would be made “by the people.” all day the votes were being submitted and approved. i would refresh the page constantly, reading all the votes and non-votes. by the time i left work around 5:30pm my time, i had come to the conclusion that the nice couple with ugly wallets would win and went off to do my deal. (meeting and dinner with friends. good stuff.)

when i got back to the computer that night, i did a quick “find” search and saw that my dad had a chance at winning. a few more votes came in for us at the last minute from people i didn’t know. talk about exciting!

i passed out before the final count was done but was so excited to see ryan’s post in my google feed this morning, saying i had won. i can’t wait to give this to my Daddy!

the best part of the deal was reading that other people thought my dad was a good man. one comment said my story made him/her cry. that comment made me cry. (call me a sap.) there was a time in my life when i wasn’t sure i could like my dad. we’ve been through a lot over the years and our relationship, as with all relationships, has changed. but the bottom line is that even though we may not be best friends, i love my Daddy – always have, always will. i love him so much i can hardly stand it. i don’t know what i’ll do when he’s not around anymore…


~ by Elle on June 18, 2009.

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