old coyote

as it plays over and over again, i am grateful for this life. i am glad to know she’s back. i’m glad to know the happiness that brings to kit’s heart. i’m glad to know another life is not lost… not yet.

a vision of mary in converse shoes…

i hope i can always imagine and laugh at my strange thinks. i never want to lose that sense of wonder and awe at the world. i never want to cease living my life.

i made a new sticky called “things i want to buy.”

i want a tire cover. i want a kitchenaid mixer. i want a dSLR. i want a new couch. and a new book.

i need to get my crap together and either find a better job or a second one. i want to work at a book store. or a coffee shop. but i think a book store.

so many people have told me not to do this or that or anything and i can’t listen anymore. i have just go and do and experience and be. it’s the only way i’ll ever know.

she is a beautiful thing in my life. to know something about me before i knew myself, to be okay with it, to always be interested in me, to always encourage me in my pursuits. to never give up on me even when i have. to push me to do and be better. it’s a talent all her own. and i love it. and her.


~ by Elle on September 9, 2009.

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