9:59pm – Begin blog…

So I’ve been sitting waiting to get my cookbook signed by Ree for a little over three hours. Actually, a paced for a while, took a few pictures of her from a distance, watched her punks play, grabbed some pizza, wished my brother a happy 12th birthday, and finally realized i could go get in line on the opposite end of the store from her. So that’s what I did… almost an hour ago. But you know what? It’s totally worth it.

I’ve listened to some pretty hysterical conversations (Dallasites are witty!) and caught up on my blog reading. (Other than PW, of course. I read her every day. Duh.)

I’m in the light blue group. That’s not the last group but might as well be. Heeeee.

Okay… goodbye for now. Oh wait – one more thing – why are 85% of books in the interior design section green? Is there some significance of the color green in interior design? Hmmm…

Now I’m video chatting with Kate on gmail. My live blogging will probably not continue…

Still in line but much closer now. Will update later with pictures. I’m being scandalized and I LOVE it.


~ by Elle on December 1, 2009.

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