you know what i’m talking about

so i’ve been having a lot … THOSE … moments lately. you know what i’m talking about. those moments when you’re looking at a picture of your friend’s driveway and you can’t figure out why it’s so white. and you think to yourself, “why is that driveway SO white?” and then you start to critique this photo that is clearly overexposed. and you think, why don’t we just stick to automatic for shots like this? it’s outside and would have been just fine. never mind that you were supposed to be looking at birds to begin with. now it’s 20 seconds later and you’re still staring at this driveway. and your friend doesn’t know that this is happening because she’s posted it on her blog (thank the LORD) and can’t see your confusion/judgement/blank stare. so then you’re all ready to tell her what she can do to help the exposure (and thinking of ways to subtly mention that perhaps her copy of photoshop is being manipulated and misused) when you see the NEXT photo. the next photo where you see little fuzzy edges to that overexposed, completely-blown-out driveway from the photo before. and you notice that the grass is actually pretty dark. and you think, “what happened? how did this get messed up?” and then another 30 seconds passes and it clicks. there is snow on the ground.


~ by Elle on December 8, 2009.

One Response to “you know what i’m talking about”

  1. I can’t stop laughing : )

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