Can I just say CUTE?!

So I love my friend Kate to death, if we haven’t been able to tell from the PW post, and I just wanted to take a break from me for a second to pay her a compliment. She is a great mom-tog. Seriously.

This is Miss C.

I just told her not a minute ago that if we lived closer, we could totally be a photography duo. We could learn from each other and push each other to do better. And we both have our strengths, obviously. Hers is making beautiful people. Okay and her pictures of those beautiful people are pretty cool too. 😉

She is really big on getting the perfect shot SOOC and that’s great because it challenges her to be better and better. But I’m all about cleaning things up in PS when you’re done doing that. So that’s what I do. I clean up her art. Isn’t it purdy?

Miss G.

I get jealous sometimes because not only does she have a dSLR to use whenever she wants, she’s got the most beautiful subjects to capture around her at every waking hour! She’s living the DREAM, people!

Miss C again, this time in her baby brother’s hospital hat. What a cutie patootie!

Kate loves her kids to pieces, a fact I think it obvious to anyone who knows her. Although I think it funny when a parent deliberately breaks the unspoken face-time rule just to be funny, Kate really is very good about giving each of the children equal “face time” when posting pictures, even if she took 300 of one child and only 50 of the other three. How she could stop at 50, I’m not sure.

Miss G again. They’re all so photogenic; I just love this face!

I can’t remember how long she’s had that camera (the one I envy) but it hasn’t been too terribly long. And she’s come so far! She really does amaze me sometimes with the things she captures. You can imagine how blush I became when she was jealous of some of MY work. Only a taste of what it’s like on this side of the screen, my dear!

And the eldest of the pack, Miss A. She’s a beauty!

Kate is a beautiful woman, a wonderful wife, and an awesome mother. I have no doubt that her kids will grow up following her incredible example and turn out to be some of the finest citizens this country has ever known. (Okay, okay. But seriously. They’re going to be freaking rock stars. They already are!)

Miss A again. I love the “depth” of this shot.

Did I mention she makes things for other people? And frames her photography to give away to the subjects? Yes, really. And she bakes. Could she be any more Susie Homemaker if she wanted to be? Answer: Likely not.

Mr. X. He’s the last of the four… so far.

She’s seriously infuriating if you stop to think about it. Hot mama, good mama, continually improving photog. Yep, I hate her. Wait… no…

X again, shortly after birth. (Taken in a GA hospital bed.)

I’m kidding. I only hate her a little. Okay, not really. But seriously, if she weren’t one of my dearest friends and biggest cheerleaders, I would hate her. A lot.

Good job, Kate. You rock.

BTW, if you noticed that all of those shots are B&W, this is why: The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond put up a little B&W photo contest today. As I was looking through old photos on Flickr to enter, I ran across some of Kate’s work that I had tweaked. (All photos above are taken by Kate, tweaked by me.) I mentioned to her that if she didn’t have an entry, I had some beautiful shots she had taken that I had converted and tweaked. She had already entered. But the longer I looked, the more I remembered how much I love her stuff. And because I’m a mush, I couldn’t help but post.)

The end.


~ by Elle on December 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Can I just say CUTE?!”

  1. You’re so frikkin’ sweet. I have a whole pile more if you get bored. hahaha!

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