An Unlikely Family

I’ve heard so many times in my few years of life about “family of birth” versus “family of choice.” For so long I called it hogwash and wrote it off as silliness and a lack of respect for “real” family.

I thank my loving creator for showing me that it is far from silliness or a lack of respect. It is quite the opposite. Family of choice is a beautiful thing and I love love LOVE mine. Family of choice doesn’t “have” to stick around. They don’t “have” to call you on your birthday, send cards when you’re feeling blue, or invite you into their homes on holidays. But they do. They do these things not because they “have” to but because they WANT to. Because they love you. And respect you. And want you near.

This is a photo of some of my family of choice on Thanksgiving day, 2009. I love everything about this image. I love J (far left) talking with her hand. I love M (middle left) enjoying her dinner. I love K (middle right) focused on J, with her hand near her face and a mild smile across her lips. I love JR (far right) smiling and watching J while petting sweet Xochi with a free hand.

We each come from different birth families. We have different skin colors, financial circumstances, educational backgrounds, and stories. We are of varying ages, interests and abilities. We are people who would normally not mix. Here we do. And I love every bit of it.


~ by Elle on January 18, 2010.

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