I Heart Faces: “We Are Family”

I ♥ Faces “We Are Family” Photo Challenge

I was so completely torn about which photo to enter in this challenge. I have an image of my “family of choice” from Thanksgiving this past year that I just LOVE! It’s such a sweet photo to me, but this one eventually won the vote. The faces are more prominent in this photo and the smiles warm my heart. It’s not the best technically but I love it all the same. (I really wanted, coming into this, to have the uncommon one. The family you don’t think of. The family that gave me my life. Look for that in the next post.)

My family has been hit with a lot of heaviness throughout the years. Tears are often abundant, so when I am with my family and I watch them interact and smile and love each other and best of all, laugh, my heart sings. I love watching them appreciate each other and all the BLESSINGS we’ve all received. Both my father and brother “should have died” a long, long time ago. Each have been through the wringer physically i am so grateful that they survived. Many do not.

what gets us through | eve and daddy, laughing, thanksgiving 2009

This photo is of my sister and dad from thanksgiving day. My sister laughing like this is SO typical. She and I both have hearty laughs that are hard to control. Once we get going, we find it difficult to stop. My dad, however, doesn’t usually laugh this hard so I thoroughly enjoy it when he does. I don’t remember what was said or done, but he was genuinely tickled this day. I have a series of about 10 from this moment, but this one is definitely my favorite. (A cool thing about this one: that photo of the little girl in the background is my mom!)

Laughter: It’s What Gets Us Through!

Visit I Heart Faces to view all the wonderful “family” entries! 🙂


~ by Elle on January 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “I Heart Faces: “We Are Family””

  1. I love the sheer joy on their faces. Great picture!

  2. this capture is great! and the picture of your mom in the background….sooo cool!

  3. Oh my. I am giggling just looking at them laughing. What a wonderful shot!

  4. Great photo! They both look so happy… A candid moment to cherish for a long time!

  5. Joyful – wonderful pic, you can feel their happiness. 🙂

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