these are the days of my life

there are days – frustratingly rare but there are days – when i just know i am okay. when i know things are going to work out. when i know i am loved and know there are people in my life whom i love. when i can laugh at my mistakes and not recoil in horror, ashamed to even recognize that something *might* have happened. when i can own my shortcomings as well as my accomplishments. when i can love everyone around me and still maintain my sanity. when i am a worker among workers. when i trust, stopping for a moment here or there throughout my day to feel the wind moving quickly around me, the cold biting at my nose, and thank my creator for loving me.

these are the days i know that all my hard work is paying off.

i want to tuck days like these away in a special place – in a silk-lined, embroidered pouch to protect them (and me) from the muck of the world. i want to pull them out when my breath seems to have slipped away and the anxieties of my life have begun to overwhelm me. i want to rub a day like today between my thumb and forefinger until i can breathe again.

there are nights that i can quite literally feel the weight and warmth of arms wrapped around mine. i feel myself resting like a babe in the palm of my creator. i experience a sense of peace which pervades my entire being and follows me effortlessly into slumber.

these are the days of my life i want to remember always. these are the days that make it all worth doing…


~ by Elle on February 3, 2010.

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